Tri-City Animal Shelter &              Adoption Center

In the interest of keeping our citizens and staff safe and healthy, Tri-City Animal Shelter will be closed to the public.

Our phone lines will still be open during normal business hours Mon - Fri from 10 am - 6 pm and Sat from 10 am - 2 pm to answer all inquiries. We are only taking adoptions, strays, and surrenders via appointment to minimize exposure and to provide our citizens and staff the safest and healthiest environment.

If you are missing a lost pet, our animal population can be viewed 24/7 on our website We will also take lost reports over the phone. If you have found a pet and wish to hold on to it temporarily you may call in to leave a found report. Adoption inquiries will be handled over the phone and pre-adoption applications are available on our site. If you are needing to surrender a pet not only do we have great resources on our website you can also check out for additional support.

Please feel free to call us at 972-291-5335 or email for all inquiries.

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Keep Your Pet Assistance
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A Message from our Friends:

Our pre-adoption spay/neuter program has subsidized surgery for over 6,000 adopted dogs and cats from Tri-City Animal Shelter & Adoption Center. For the past six years, we have ensured that 100% of animals adopted from the shelter were sterilized before going home, preventing those animals from contributing to overpopulation.

We need your help to keep spaying and neutering shelter animals! 

Watch our Give with a PURRpose Surgery Suite & Medical Center Capital Campaign video to learn more!

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In Case You Missed Some of Our Events This Year!

Photography donated by Herb & Betty Doller, HB PhotoGraphic Imagery

Our Paws, Claws & Outlaws Event was a HUGE success and a whole lot of fun! To see more photos from this year's Gala, please click on the photo below. Don't forget!  Be sure to stop by our Friends' page for even more information about getting involved with events like this!

Over 75 animals found their homes at our Clear the Shelters Event!
Another HUGE success at our Paws in the Pool-Oolza Event with our amazing Friends group!