Payment Extensions

Customers needing additional time to pay their utility bill may qualify for an extended payment plan. Customers desiring to participate in a payment plan should be aware of the following payment plan provisions before visiting the Customer Service window at
the Government Center.

  • Customers must complete an extension / payment agreement at the Customer Service window.
  • The customer must pay fifty percent (50%) of the past due balance at the time the agreement is completed.
  • Payment plans may be for 30, 60, 90 or 120 days. The plan duration, with payment dates and amounts, will be identified on the extension/payment agreement with the payoff date identified.
  • At the end of the extension/payment agreement, full payment of the past due balance is due.
  • Customers must pay their current utility bill in full each month no later than their due date in addition to the payment plan amount to stay in compliance with the payment plan.
  • No more than one (1) payment extension plan is authorized per customer per calendar year.
  • Customers who fail to comply with the provisions of their approved payment extension plan are subject to immediate disconnection.
  • The Privacy Act requires that only the person identified on the account as the account holder will be able to discuss issues regarding and account, including participating in payment extension plans.