Air Quality

Cedar Hill Was the First City in the Metroplex with Electric Vehicle Chargers

In December 2011, the City of Cedar Hill installed two electric vehicle charging stations for public use at the Cedar Hill Government Center located at 285 Uptown Boulevard Residents with electric vehicles are encouraged to use the two charging stations in the south visitors parking area while at the Government Center or catching a movie at Cinemark theaters across the street.

Before receiving charging services, residents must sign up for a membership on the Blink Network by visiting their website. For more information, please call 972.291.5100 ext. 1003.

No Idling; City Ordinance Number 2009-382

In an effort to address North Texas' air quality problems, the City of Cedar Hill endorsed and adopted the TCEQ Idling Limitations Rule (Ordinance Number 2009-382) in May 2009 which allows the city to enact and enforce the control and abatement of air pollution by restricting vehicle idling in the city.

  • Ordinance Number 2009-382 applies to all heavy duty vehicles weighing over 14,000 pounds.
  • Idling from heavy duty vehicles releases harmful airborne contaminants.
  • Nearly half of North Texas' air pollution comes from on-road mobile sources (cars, trucks, etc.)
  • The Dallas-Fort Worth area is a federally designated non-attainment area for the pollutant ozone.
  • Diesel emissions from motor vehicles contribute to health problems such as premature death, cancer, heart attacks, cardiovascular disease, emphysema, and asthma.