City Energy Usage - HB3693

The City of Cedar Hill complies with the requirements of HB3693 (Government Code § 2264.001 (b)) by compiling and posting the following information annually: 

  1. The total metered amount of electricity, water and natural gas used by the City or governmental entity for its services.
  2. The total amount paid for electricity, water and natural gas. The total annual cost paid for the three utility services appear as one figure.
  • The City of Cedar Hill purchases electricity from Gexa and Hilco Electic Cooperative. Electricity consumption is displayed below in kilowatt hours (kWh).
  • The City of Cedar Hill purchases natural gas from Atmos Energy. Natural gas consumption is displayed below in MCF (thousand cubic feet).
  • The City of Cedar Hill is both a municipal water supplier and consumer. With wholesale water purchased from the Dallas Water Utility sold to customers and charged to the governmental entity for services. The water cost and consumption displayed below only reflects the amount billed and consumed by the City for services. Water consumption is displayed below in gallons (gal).
Fiscal YearElectric Consumption (KWH)Electric CostNatural Gas Consumption (MCF)Natural Gas CostWater Consumption (Gallons)Water CostTotal For All Utilities