Budget For Year 2013 - 2014

Budget For Year 2013-2014, Full Document

Budget For Year 2013-2014, Sections by Page Number

001-Budget Cover (PDF)

002-Legal Notice (PDF)

003-Inside Page (PDF)

005-Introduction (PDF)

007-Executive Summary (PDF)

073-Ordinances and Policies (PDF)

104-Administration (PDF)

109-Human Resources (PDF)

115-Information Technology (PDF)

121-Finance (PDF)

126-Government Center (PDF)

130-Nondepartmental (PDF)

131-Police (PDF)

138-Animal Control (PDF)

140-Fire (PDF)

146-Emergency Management (PDF)

149-Municipal Court (PDF)

153-Code Enforcement (PDF)

157-Animal Shelter (PDF)

163-Parks (PDF)

169-Recreation (PDF)

176-Library (PDF)

182-Neighborhood Services (PDF)

187-Main Street (PDF)

192-Planning (PDF)

198-Streets and Drainage (PDF)

202-Fleet Maintenance (PDF)

207-Special Revenue (PDF)

249-Debt Service (PDF)

251-General Government Capital (PDF)

263-Enterprise Fund (PDF)

283-Enterprise Fund - Capital Projects (PDF)

285-Internal Service Fund (PDF)

289-Glossary (PDF)

City Budget Approval Vote

On September 10, 2013, the Cedar Hill City Council considered Ordinance Number 2013-517 adopting the Municipal Budget for the fiscal year 2013-2014. In compliance with State Law and Cedar Hill City Charter, Mayor Franke announced a record vote would be taken by a show of hands, followed by a roll call vote. Upon a motion by Mayor Pro Tem Parvin and second by Council Member Haydin to adopt the ordinance, the following vote was recorded. The show of hands was unanimous for approval of the referenced budget.

Roll call vote was as follows:

Council Member HaydinYes
Council Member Mason
Council Member McCain
Council Member Shaw
Council Member Swayze
Mayor Pro Tem Parvin
Mayor Franke

All Council Members were present for the vote. The motion carried by unanimous vote. Recorded this 10th day of September, 2013 by Cedar Hill City Secretary Lyn Hill.