Mayor's Teen Council


The Mayor's Teen Council consists of Cedar Hill residential adolescents who wish to set a positive impact on their community and its people. Meetings are held at the government center on the first Monday of the month every two weeks. Here, the teen council discusses any issues or concerns it observes in the city with the mayor, Rob Franke. Members are actively involved in Cedar Hill, so they can provide solutions to improve the community. Furthermore, the council is exposed to municipal government and endorses teen awareness in learning the ways the town operates on a daily basis. 


The mission of the Mayor's Teen Council is to educate high school students about local government and influence the youth to contribute their efforts in creating a better community. The students are engaged in unique opportunities provided by the mayor that creates a deeper appreciation for the city's employees. 

​How do I become a Council Member? 

Apply today! Applications are available. Also, applications can be received at the City Administration office, the Recreation Center, at High School and Collegiate counselor's offices, and at the Zula B. Wylie Library. The applications can be submitted to the same locations. If you have any questions, call 972-291-7323 for more information. 

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