Shirley Daniels

Council Member Shirley Daniels

Shirley Daniels was elected to the Cedar Hill City Council in 2019 and is the First African American woman to serve on the Council.  

Shirley Daniels was born in a small East Texas Town of Gilmer, Texas. Before moving to Cedar Hill in 2004, Shirley was involved with community affairs in the Dallas area. She served more than 30 years in numerous organizations, including Precinct Chair for 25 years, current Precinct 3104 Chair in Cedar Hill for 16 years, and the Selena Butler Institute. Shirley was appointed by the State of Texas to the Parental  Involvement Board and has invested many years working with various PTAs.  

Shirley is passionate about strong neighborhoods and will always support initiatives to strengthen the city's focus on citizen's engagement. She encourages residents to talk openly about any issues of concern. Shirley is committed to serving the diverse community in Cedar Hill and to advancing the vision of Cedar Hill as a premier City.

Ms. Daniels holds a Bachelor Degree in French & Spanish from East Texas State (TAMU) and was  the first African American to obtain a dual major in Foreign Languages (French & Spanish) in 1971.  She was a teacher for 27 years.  

 Ms. Daniels is married and has 8 wonderful children, 9 grandchildren and 3 great-grandchildren.

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