Awards & Accolades

L.P Cookingham Career Development Award

(presented to City Manager Greg Porter from the International City/County Management Association)

Bird City Texas

(from Texas Parks & Wildlife and Audubon Texas for the City's efforts to preserve habitat and engage the community) 

Achievement of Excellence in Libraries

(from the Texas Municipal Library Directors Association)

Economic Excellence Recognition

(from the Texas Economic Development Council)

Hire Vets Gold Medallion Award 

(from the U.S. Department of Labor for the City's outreach efforts to veterans) 

Aa1 Bond Rating for Moody's Investor Service 

(upgraded from Aa2 based on the City's strong financial position) 

Regional Cooperation Award

(from the North Central Texas Council of Government for implementation of the new regional public safety radio system)

Mission: Lifeline Silver Award for Excellence in Heart Attack and Stroke Care

(from the American Heart Association)

Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting

(from the Government Finance Officers Association)

Distinguished Budget Presentation Award

(from the Government Finance Officers Association)