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2018 Green Awards Recipients

Newman International Academy at Cedar Hill

Newman International Academy at Cedar Hill is a thriving Pre-K to 12th grade charter school nestled within the premier city of Cedar Hill, TX and shares a scenic campus with Northwood University. The Recycle Warriors are students who are committed to global sustainability and maintaining campus beauty by diligently collecting recyclable items across the expanse of the campus daily. Award money was used toward expanding the service-learning program by purchasing more recycling receptacles.

Bessie Coleman Environmental Science and Engineering Academy

The Bessie Coleman Environmental Science and Engineering Academy is creating a student-led community garden in order to create a sustainable community food source while preparing students for careers in STEM fields through the promotion of cross-curricular critical thinking and collaboration skills. The award money went toward necessary supplies and tools to aid in this collaborative effort between students, parents, and teachers.

Waterford Oaks Elementary School

Waterford Oaks Elementary School implemented a campus wide initiative of paper recycling. Each class was responsible for their own recycle bin. Each month, we see more and more paper going in to the recycle bins as compared to the beginning of the school year. This initiative not only taught earth-friendly habits but also taught students how to be active and productive citizens in the school community.

Cedar Hill Action Team (CHAT)

CHAT educates students on how to re-purpose and recycle household items and the importance of managing the use of resources such as water and electricity. The students pledge to recycle and never litter. Through CHAT programs, students have been introduced to conservationists and involved in educational events that examine preservation.

2017 Green Award Recipients

Batteries Plus Bulbs

Batteries Plus Bulbs took on the cost of recycling over 700 lbs of batteries and conducted semi-annual BOPA (batteries, oil, paint and antifreeze) collection events.

Village Tech

Village Tech expanded their sixth grade gardening program, created a working bench swing and signage, and adopted a garden plot at the Zula B. Wylie Library's community garden.

2016 Green Award Recipients

Hillside Village

Hillside Village converted their expansive lawn irrigation system from conventional spray to drip, conserving significant amounts of water annually.

First United Methodist Church

First United Methodist Church created an extensive recycling program available to church members.