Neighborhood Services

two residents by table, smiling

“Neighborhood Services improves and maintains neighborhood vitality through enhanced communications, facilitation & education.”

  • Help initiate and strengthen Neighborhood Organizations
  • Oversee the Matching Grant Program 
  • Identify neighborhood organization issues 
  • Improve communications between residents and the City 

How can we help? 

  • Getting started as a neighborhood organization 
  • Getting started with Grant applications 
  • Follow-up on neighborhood organization issues with the City
  • Provide contacts with City Departments 

 Things Residents Can Do: 

  • Know your neighbors
  • Start a crime watch or neighborhood organization
  • Know your neighborhood organization leaders (HOA officers/crime watch block captains) 
  • Attend City Council Meetings
  • Volunteer with your neighborhood organization (even if only to pick up litter or be on a committee) 
  • Know the City leaders and departments